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Engineering activities in the Aerospace, Defense and Technology Industry sectors

The SPACE division is engaged in applied Research and Development exploiting the potential of Modeling and Simulation

We provide high-level advice on the technological developments of the future and projects on:

Our Expertise

Enabling Technologies

Secure Communication and Information Systems

Joint Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance activities

Decision Support Systems

Command and Control Systems

Autonomous platforms



In particular, we are experts in broadband acquisition, fusion and transfer of classified data, next-generation sensors (technology agnostic) operating in networks, robotic platforms (UXV) with swarming intelligence, Area Access Control, Geo-Fencing based on platforms on all domains, innovative PED (Processing, Exploitation, Dissemination) processes of still and moving images, DSS (Decision Support System) and Operational Awareness enhancement systems. The use of Artificial Intelligence and Self-Learning capabilities are common in our projects, along with the application of the Digital Twin.

Research & Development

Exploiting the potential of Modeling
and Simulation.


Digital Twin based decision support system for improving the sensitivity in detecting, tracking, and characterizing objects in Low Earth Orbits (LEO)


"Low, Slow, and Small" acoustic airborne platform detection system, based on distributed sensor clusters, in an urban context


Haptic system to improve Battlespace Awareness for Special Forces aircraft pilots

Marchio 2
Research and development, modeling and simulation of new technologies and skills

Main Business Areas

Multi-Domain Control Systems

Space Traffic Management

Ubiquitous Comms & Federated Clouds

SBAMD survivability and effectiveness in joint & combined operations

NATO AFSC – Alliance Future Surveillance & Control

Joint ISR interoperability

Modular Mission Equipment for NATO Special Operations

FPALS based on GNSS with ARAIM

Multi-Static Active Sonar

Maritime Multi-mission Aircraft Support Centre

The SPACE division  has partnerships at national and international level.

We develop projects abroad with Institutions (NATO) and private companies (Boeing,, Airbus,, Belden, etc). 

In Italy, we cooperate in particular with the MoD and with Technological Industries (Leonardo, Elettronica, Engineering).


Main Partners

Experts in data acquisition and fusion, new generation sensors, robotic platforms with swarming intelligence - UXV…

We give a new image to museums. We digitize museum objects and archaeological finds using 3D digital scanners, creating virtual models ...

We design specific devices for medical use , equipped medical, surgical helmets for shooting, recording and streaming operations ...

Acmecubo Logo

ACMECUBO is an engineering company specialized in the research and development of new enabling technologies.​