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Technological and digital solutions for the enhancement of Cultural Heritage

ACMECUBO CULTURE leverages its engineering expertise to find new applications for national Cultural Heritage.
In particular, we provide solutions and consultancy on the following topics:

Our Expertise

Digital Culture 2.0

Scansione digitale e fotogrammetria

Modellazione virtuale

Restauro digitale

Innovative presentation systems

3D Printing of Assets

Processo di prototipazione

Soluzioni multimediali

We create a bridge between the world of archaeology and the world of innovative and enabling technologies. With the proposed solutions , we aim to:


Promote a new way of enjoying works of art and archaeological artifacts.




Create virtual models, 3D animations, and multimedia usable from computers, smartphones or tablets.




Host galleries on custom websites (created from scratch or existing).




Exchanging virtual, as well as real, objects between museums.




Design and set up tactile museum itineraries for the blind and visually impaired, consisting of 3D printed reproductions, tactile cards, braille panels, and audio guides usable from tablets and smartphones.



Research & Development

Exploiting the potential of Modeling
and Simulation.


Documentario e Animazioni 3D sul Tumulo di Corvaro e sul Cippo di Ferter Resius (Museo Archeologico Cicolano)


Virtualization, holograms presentation, and restored physical replica of the 15th-century Putti (Isernia Archbishopric)


Digital Culture 2.0 training courses

A journey through digital technologies to capture and create virtual models from real physical objects. From photogrammetry to 3D scanning, with hands-on sessions designed to learn the basics of how software and instrumentation work.

Approaching the use of 3D modeling software. New opportunities from manipulation of digital objects, reconstruction of some of their parts, to simulation and creation of virtual environments.

How to transform a virtual model into a real physical object. From the model to 3D printing, with a post-processing phase characterized by classical restoration techniques applied on materials produced by 3D printers, in order to create a replica of the reference work.

Marchio 2
Research and development, modeling and simulation of new technologies and skills


Experts in data acquisition and fusion, new generation sensors, robotic platforms with swarming intelligence - UXV…

We give a new image to museums. We digitize museum objects and archaeological finds using 3D digital scanners, creating virtual models ...

We design specific devices for medical use , equipped medical, surgical helmets for shooting, recording and streaming operations ...

Acmecubo Logo

ACMECUBO is an engineering company specialized in the research and development of new enabling technologies.​