Choose your UVen

Customize your polimeryzation oven freely and make it perfect for your own needs. From achromatic colors Total Black and Total White, to Murales Styles and you will give new colors to your Studio. For those fond of low relief we provide the Skull Cover (recalling “The Punisher”), a removeable and changeable will give you the creeps!         
  • Basic White
  • Basic Black
  • Artist White
  • Artist Black
  • Skull Cover
  • Old Iron Effect
  • Granite Effect
  • Cast Iron Effect

A User Friendly LCD Screen

It presents the main polymerization parameters, such as time, present temperature, defined temperature and temperature ranges.

Why polymerizing?

This process lets your liquid resin 3D printed objects reach the best strenght, the highest durability and the proper adaptation to your functional and operational needs for professional and industrial applications.. For further information on the polymerization processes click here


The unique dimensions of the oven assure to host and post-cure 3d printed objects coming from all the 3D Printers on the market. Its cubic shape, simple and essential, is both elegant and stylish. The basic colors, black and white, are suitable for all the locations. You may use UVen in your office, laboratory or even at home.

LED and Bulb Lights

The union of LED and Bulb Lights guarantees a full UV spectrum irradiation, essential for the right and proper polymerization process, with wavelenghts from 365nm to 405nm, and a power of 9W per light.

A simple and intuitive keypad

A simple and intuitive numeric keypad, and an easy and clear Instruction Manual, will make UVen suitable for all, even for non skilled people. The keypad resembles a table phone keypad, simple for the youngers as well as for those fond of traditions.

Professional Details with Micron Precision

UVen is an oven designed for professional applications. It has been thought in all its details, both inside and outside, to fulfill industrial requirements. All its components have been designed and even 3D printed ad hoc by Acmecubo srl, with the highest precision levels. We have 3D printed, from left to right:
  • The opening/closing contact sensor holder,
  • The heating system protection cage,
  • The heating system support,
  • The Display frame mask,
  • The Keypad frame mask,
  • The ergonomic grip on the cover.


Fully mirrored chamber

The lighting chamber fully mirrored assures a complete irradiation over the whole object you need to polymerize. This choice lets us have a uniform polymerization and the best results on all the objects, independently from its shape, and dimensions. This solution removes the need for a rotating plate, with its installation and maintenance costs.

How it works?

Using UVen is simple and quick. You just need to follow these few steps:
  1. Open the cover
  2. Insert the object you need to polymerize
  3. Close the cover
  4. Select the requested parameters
  5. Start the process

Compatible Resins

All photosensitive liquid polymeric resins you will find on the market, may be post-cured with UVen.

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And many more!